What makes Smartt so smart?

Here's our card.......

What makes a company think they are so smart that they would name their company Smartt? Is it smart to align yourself with companies named DIRTT, Wahu and Spider? Is it smart to have a woman leading the charge in an industry typically dominated by men? Is it smart to embrace the construction industry and try to introduce a new way to build buildings? We think it is. Our team at Smartt Interior Construction is passionate about the solutions we offer in the world of commercial interior construction, we believe that technology and tradition can work together and in the end produce a result for our clients more agile and versatile then they could ever imagine.

Smartt Interior Construction promises to deliver flexible, sustainable and financially “smartt” solutions in the world of commercial interior construction. With the launch of this website, we are committed to share the success stories of projects that worked, innovations that are on the horizon and those special “aha” moments that make this business so rewarding for our entire team.

We invite you to come back and visit our website often, “like” us on Facebook, connect with us on LinkedIn or check out our “tweets” on Twitter. Let’s start a conversation about your organization. Where do you see your business, school or healthcare facility in five years? What about ten years? Will there be change? Will the interior of your space be able to respond to the change? Perhaps it’s time to take a look at a “smartt” solution.


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