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Getting You In Your space Better & Faster

Off-Site WithThe Job-Site Top of Mind

All off-site or prefab construction is handy for gaining cost certainty. However, conventional off-site construction can sometimes forget about what is going on back at the building site. Not DIRTT. When you build with SMARTT, the components built in the DIRTT factories are based on measurements taken just days before they arrive. And built with exacting precision. Completely customized components fit perfectly into the base building.

Sometimes things just happen. On site, your SMARTT team can modify your components for any site issue that pops up to ensure your clean quick build continues.



Work with DIRTT early. You'll get better results with real estate, energy and labor savings.



Both ICE software and DIRTT components embrace your design intent.



DIRTT’s off-site integrates with the job-site for a harmonious project



Move into space perfect today –– and be ready for tomorrow.

Support for Other CrewsOn Site

Your SMARTT team attends construction meetings to offer solutions. And they’ll collaborate with other trades for best practices when your DIRTT arrives on site.

This is about risk mitigation. DIRTT isn’t produced in a vacuum while the rest of the project wrestles with challenges. SMARTT will integrate with the rest of your job and you DIRTT will adapt and respond if site conditions change.

Everyone is more productive and efficient making your project a happy project.

If the devil’s in the details, the devil’s just left the building.