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Built for Today,
Ready for Tomorrow

Accessibility MakesMaintenance Easier

After your SMARTT project, plumbing, electrical, A/V and networks are integrated into the architecture. Which is nice and neat. But they’re always accessible to the right people.

DIRTT Walls look and perform like permanent walls, until your IT or facilities teams need to get inside. Then a special tool pops off the wall tile to deal with the culprit in the cavity. No painters, dry-wallers, tarps or saws. It’s all done quietly, cleanly and, best of all, quickly.



Work with DIRTT early. You'll get better results with real estate, energy and labor savings.



Both ICE software and DIRTT components embrace your design intent.



DIRTT’s off-site integrates with the job-site for a harmonious project



Move into space perfect today –– and be ready for tomorrow.

Wholesale Changes WithA Lot Less Pain

What if your organization makes changes? See a new DIRTT install that has you inspired? Your SMARTT team are reconfigure experts, and we’ll work with you to re-use as much existing product as you’d like while making the changes you need. DIRTT’s mobility will let you take it where ever you need to go, and we can help you plan to do that.

Plus, it’s in DIRTT’s mission to always make updates compatible with everything already existing (that’s a promise), so anything new and exciting you can integrate into your current DIRTT solution easily and without the dry wall dust to keep your organization doing what they do best.

I’ve watched this space close business for us.
Dale Darling, VP Sales, Deseret Digital Media