Three S’s to Impress

Three S’s to Impress

With the combination of DIRTT and ICE software, Smart Interior Construction can execute a very simple but powerful formula. SPEED plus SAVINGS equal SUCCESS. The three S’s to impress can easily blast through all the old ways of thinking and allow the new to thrive.

Smartt Interior Construction is all about speeding up the construction process, which in return allows the client to save a bundle and start using their facilities a lot sooner. Smartt uses technology as an offense rather that a defense. With the use of ICE software, all of the DIRTT products are manufactured with a patented process that does not only create amazing quality but is also done in an environmentally safe way. This software is a videogame for design; it provides graphical, interactive exploration of your individual design.   Not everyone is capable of seeing the “whole” picture when it is down on a plan or in elevation, but ICE 3D shows every client a full walk through of their project.

ICE Software, along with instantly pricing out the whole project, immediately feeds factory sizes, cuts and part information for every custom design. With this instant pricing, every client immediately knows how much everything will cost. If the price exceeds the budget, Smartt can instantly change the needed pieces and price out again within hours.

DIRTT also speeds up construction by delivering the electrical sockets in the DIRTT walls before it hits the site. So, when the assembly begins it’s basically “plug and play”. The electrician can be in and out within one day. This is just another way that you save on costs. With the electrical already being placed, it should take an electrician no more than a few days to connect every wire.

With the modular walls being completely assembled, they are all shipped to the site to be placed. The installation is yet again another sped up process. The DIRTT wall installs without material waste and on a schedule that is a fraction of studs and dry wall.

Smartt Interior Construction is all about being SMART. We use DIRTT “Doing It Right This Time” to create sustainable, successful work spaces by improving speed, precision, agility and costume abilities of modular interior construction. Speed and Savings is our goal for our client, so let’s all be Smart together and start looking at the new way to construct.

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