Modular Construction is the Future.

“Modular, efficient design will provide innovative work environments for tomorrow’s employees and tenants.” – The Office Building of the Future.

A Shift Toward Modular Construction

“An innovative modular system offers the adaptability, efficiency and economy necessary to balance the owner’s business objectives with the well-being and productivity of employees or tenants and the appropriate use of natural resources. Modular construction merges high-tech BIM and the simple concept that eliminating excess saves money.

A modular building system offers significant economic advantages including shorter construction time (due to speed of erection, negligible weather delays and increased structural efficiency) and greater cost control as a result of the following: a highly efficient manufacturing and construction process with an increased number of more skilled workers, fewer subcontractors and reduced overhead cost and material redundancy. The system allows for efficient off-site construction in controlled environments that offers greater tolerances and higher quality control.

Every major building component is considered for its potential as a modular unit that can be fabricated in a factory and sized to be easily transported by truck, delivered to the site and assembled by a smaller workforce. As units are shipped after being manufactured, they do not require a significant staging area on site prior to construction. With a faster construction period than the typical office building, the system will result in short- and long-term cost savings as well as earlier building occupancy.”

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The Office Building of the Future



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