Flood Relief with Modular Construction

Imagine designing future flood relief protection by using modular interior construction techniques in your upcoming building or remodeling project. That’s exactly what happened to a Government client who used DIRTT walls in their new space. It’s the classic tale of floods and relief.

“Our Government client experienced a two-foot wave of water in their newly built teleconference room. At first, the relief was due to the design of the DIRTT Walls in the space. They figured they’d just have to remove and replace the bottom tiles of the face-mounted walls. Upon inspection, while the drywall walls all had to be destroyed and removed, even the bottom tiles of the DIRTT walls withstood the flood. And because the walls didn’t wick water up – the televisions integrated into the DIRTT Walls were undamaged. As expected, the access floor was ruined by the water and had to be replaced but the DIRTT walls were disassembled, stored and re-installed once flooring was replaced.” – DIRTT Environmental Solutions

By thinking differently about interior construction methods and the use of flexible and sustainable products like DIRTT walls, imagine how your business or facility will be able to handle change, come hell or high water.

See the Fresh DIRTT story:
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