A New Year, A New Way to Build Buildings

It’s a new year, a time to look at the year ahead and imagine the potential for your business. Is this the year to expand, remodel or possibly build new? When you look around your current facility, what do you see? Creative, agile space that empowers and inspires your teams or inflexible, traditional office space that can’t adapt to change and has no idea how to embrace technology.

The Smartt Interior Construction team has never been more energized and excited about our modular interior construction solution. Watching our clients go through the discovery process as they learn about modular interior construction is such a thrill for us, but when our clients actually connect the dots and realize how an agile and modular approach will create more sustainable, flexible and creative space for their teams, it reinforces our belief in what we do.

As we look forward to 2012, we can’t wait to partner with our clients and walk them through a completely new way of building the interior of buildings. From one office to one hundred offices, the experience will be the same, the Smartt Interior Construction team will embrace technology, use it to educate our clients and strive to impact the environment of their business with new space that is flexible, sustainable and of course, financially “smartt”.

Happy New Year and best wishes for a prosperous 2012!

Paula Klein and the Smartt Interior Construction Team

Here’s a great story of the impact of a modular interior construction solution using DIRTT, ENJOY!



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