Build Smarter

“DIRTTbag” by day-  Professional speaker by night;  Paula Klein, owner of Smartt Interior Construction explains how to “Build Better” in today’s construction chaos.

Paula was invited to speak at a professional learning event called InSourced: a day of professional learning for district educators. InSourced tagline: “tomorrow’s workforce through today’s educators” was designed to provide educators with a morning of dynamic speakers focused on college/career readiness.

Paula shared her experiences and explained how her company is doing it right this time! Paula owns a construction company in Fargo, ND. Her team is creating spaces that are customizable and sustainable. Why have we been building buildings the same way for the last hundred years? We have these beautiful buildings on the outside and the interiors are doomed to fail. Well, not with our DIRTT solution. DIRTT is tilt up/ lean construction. We design space in our cutting edge technology called Ice and use our 3-D walk thru videos to show our clients the space. It’s just like test driving a car before you buy it! Our walls are manufactured in a factory in 3 weeks. WE are SMARTT construction, WE are efficient construction, WE are doing it right this time! Check out the video….

Paula Klein @ InSourced

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