Education for the future.

Dramatic changes in education demands and delivery, cost factors and green building requirements are having a profound impact on the development of education facilities. With changes difficult to predict, new buildings must be designed to be flexible and adaptable. Redevelopment of existing buildings in particular requires building solutions that do not adversely affect air quality or require lengthy construction time frames. All solutions, whether for existing or new facilities, must meet green building standards and create attractive work and learning environments.

Adopting modular solutions for interiors can improve building performance, speed of construction and reduce waste creation typically associated with conventional construction. Other benefits include cleaner air during construction and the ability to adapt to future change.

Accommodating human factors is paramount in education design for staff and students. This includes creating a more interactive learning environment by integrating technology such as flat screen TV’s, touch screens and tablets and giving teachers and students more control over that environment, Modular solutions meet these objectives, and allow for product-neutral selections, that are easily updated and changed based on future needs.

Modular solutions using 3D software and parametric design result in custom design without a custom price tag. Interactive software improves communication between designer and client and makes for better design outcomes.

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